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Divine Harvest Farms

Our Farm

Raising Cattle Responsibly Since 1928

We are a 5 generation, 100 year old family farm that prides itself in being a beyond organic, grass based operation. Cattle are raised in open fields, grazing on native grasses, where they are free to roam with limited boundaries. Our Registered Guernsey Cows are certified A2A2, produce large volumes of rich, fresh tasting, butterfat loaded golden milk.


Our farm is located near Breckenridge, where traditional and old fashioned values still govern our area. We take pride in our land and recognize the importance of rotational grazing, native grasses, and avoiding any fertilizers or pesticides whatsoever.


We are “Beyond Organic” because we surpass all Organic standards. We are determined to maintain that which is good for the soil, kind to the animals, and healthy for the consumer.


You are always welcome to drive by and to take a look at our place, along with the cattle roaming out in our fields.


Our Story

Local Family Farm

Although we have transitioned from generation to generation, our standards have never shifted. Until recently, we offered beyond organic, grass fed, Chicken, Pork, Beef, Eggs and Milk. Our family of six children have largely grown and moved on which made it more difficult to keep up with all the demands of a small family farm. While we intended to completely discontinue our operation, our youngest son, Sam, demonstrated an interest in continuing the milking part of the operation. Today, Sam owns, runs, and operates the entire raw milk share program.


While initially milk could only be obtained from either the farm or the Midland Farmers Market, today, Sam continues to expand drop off locations where milk can be either picked up weekly from a specific region OR from the farm itself.


If enough interest is shown in a region from a handful of customers, future new sites will be seriously considered. Contact Sam if you are aware of others in your specific area that may be interested in joining a raw milk herd-share network.

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